This Is Lagos


5:00 PM | 7:30 PM
The billionaire chef has curated a 6-course tasting menu of authentic West African flavours - a royal selection celebrating life and the future.



Potatoes . Truffle Suya Aioli . Herb Salt
This spicy and nutty mix is a specialty of the Hausa people of Northern Nigeria used in making the popular street food called Suya. Fused with white truffle, the first course is definitely an explosion of flavours served in a local calabash to welcome the diners.



Bean Croquette . Palm Oil . Crispy Beans
Made from honey beans (oloyin), this dish is indigenous to the Togolese and Beninese people of Western Africa and has transcended borders to become one of Lagos’ most popular street foods.



Chicken . Egusi Cream. Pounded Yam purée. Ugwu Oil.
Rich in unsaturated fat and protein, melon seeds have been used across Nigeria to make a soup that trended on the World Wide Web as a challenge during the pandemic and is a staple with the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria.


Pepper Soup

Fish . Carrot Purée . Aromatic Broth
Made from a collection of African spices such as ataiko, uda and gbafilo, this soothing soup is popularly eaten across Western Africa at beer parlors, weddings and on cold rainy days.


Jollof Rice

Truffle Jollof . Suya Steak . Yaji Jus . Carrot Textures.
Probably the most popular dish of all, Jollof rice is a classic tomato-based rice with massive regional significance across West Africa. It is a staple in celebratory social gatherings and a showstopper at every event or dining table.



Mystery Cake . Ginger Crumble . Hibiscus Gel . Creme
African ruby dried sorrel leaves also known as "Yakwan Zobo" in the Hausa land of Nigeria is traditionally made into a hot drink that's transferred into a clay pot to cool. Chef Eros has converted this beverage into a delicious gel that serves as a body of flavour to the final dessert course.